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It is Monday morning and I’m on my way to work. I’m on my bike and as always I’m listening to a podcast. Today it’s a podcast from Paul Jarvis and Austin Kleon. Two of my favourite writers.

Somehow these podcasts — about creativity, habits, routines, and self-improvement — make me feel great and bad at the same time. I feel great because they inspire me. I feel bad because I rarely take action.

I’m not sure why I rarely take action. Maybe it is comfortable just to do the same thing every day. Maybe I’m afraid of trying something new; especially when it means putting myself out there and being vulnerable. Maybe I don’t want to look stupid. Maybe I just make the excuse of not having enough time.

Let’s change that.

I decided to try a writing challenge. I’ll write every day. I’ll publish every day. For the next 30 days.

I’m bad at writing. I’m not sure if I really have something to say and write about.

But I want to write to improve my writing skills. I want to write to think more about the idle thoughts and ideas I have in mind. I want to write to get feedback and to exchange ideas.

I’ll write about learning. Learning is a passion of mine even if I struggled a lot with learning last year. I struggled because it never felt right. So I tried different strategies to make my learning experience more joyful, intentional, and deliberate.

I discovered some insights that helped me learn better and I would like to share them. By sharing them, I hope I can shape my thoughts into concrete ideas. I hope I can help someone else who also struggles with learning. I hope I can contribute to the learning community.

I made my first step of sharing my ideas and insights on Instagram. So feel free to check out Lean Learning on Instagram if you like.

Let’s see how the writing challenge goes.

Writing about learning and random thoughts. I'm a Pythonista with focus on data and a LX Designer with an interest in intentional learning.