Photo by Christian Erfurt on Unsplash

When we learn, we have the goal of mastering a skill. We want to become the expert. Sadly, because of these expectations, we don’t see learning as a journey towards mastery.

We avoid trying, experimenting, and making mistakes. We just don’t want to look stupid. But if we truly want to learn we have to make mistakes. Like Ray Congdon said:

Don’t expect to be an expert from the start. You are a beginner. Embrace being a beginner. Being a beginner has a lot of advantages. You can follow your curiosity. You can experiment with new knowledge. You can allow yourself to make mistakes and see them as learning opportunities.

In the end, we learn to build meaningful experiences — and mistakes can show us where to improve and why to improve. They can be the ideal guide to learning. They are even a natural guide to learning.

So, don’t be afraid to do things poorly, don’t judge yourself, follow your curiosity, experiment wherever you can, and ask a lot of questions while learning.

Writing about learning and random thoughts. I'm a Pythonista with focus on data and a LX Designer with an interest in intentional learning.